WE ARE SUPERMOMS™  Features Mrs. Dominique Penn (Wife of NFL Raider Football Player, Donald Penn #72)

WE ARE SUPERMOMS™ Features Mrs. Dominique Penn (Wife of NFL Raider Football Player, Donald Penn #72)

It is football season, and I thought it would be the appropriate time to feature this beautiful wife of NFL football player, Donald Penn (#72 Oakland Raiders). This is SuperWife and SuperMom, Dominique Penn.


Dominique is a SuperMom to their three children, Donald (6), Dominick (2) and Demi, " The Princess" (5 months). She and her family, currently reside between Oakland and Los Angeles, California.  She owns an online baby boutique (www.ShopEMPL.com) and She is also the author of a children's book series, "The Many Adventures of Donald." I asked Dominique to tell me her most favorite part about motherhood, and she replied, "I love hearing my kids call me mommy, hearing them say I love you, or just seeing three versions of me doing things in their own way makes me love being a mom the most.  Nothing in the world means more to me than my family." Dominique expressed that her greatest accomplishment in life are her three children and says they are the fuel behind everything she does. 


When I asked Dominique what makes her a SuperMom, she replied, "I am a supermom because that's just what I am.  I don't make excuses nor complain much when it comes to my children. I just make it happen the best way possible.  I've had to recover from the birth of my last two children while owning a business.  With one, I suffered kidney failure and the last one, I almost bled to death in my sleep.  I never made either of these incidents public because I didn't want a pity party.  At the end of the day, I knew I had to be strong for my kids and my family.  They need me just like I need them.  Having experienced that, along with being a mom and business owner, while also traveling for my NFL football player husband and holding down the fort with no complaints while he's away makes me a Super-DUPER-mom!" 


Well, Dominique, I believe I can speak on behalf of all of us moms when I say you definitely own the role of a "SuperMom!" Your strength and your love for your children and family gives you the drive and determination to persevere, despite life's challenges. Keep shining, Dominique!

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  • Lisa Benavidez

    Awesome!! Love this feature and I love the Raiders!! ♡♡♡

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